The roadshow that we hosted in June proved itself to be of such positive benefit, to both partner drivers and internal development, that we found ourselves drawn back to Heathrow recently for round two.

As always, it was a chance to meet with our partner drivers as well as potential new partners. This opportunity allowed us to answer any further questions, listen to their contributions and take on-board any feedback.

Part of the fantastic feedback we got from the Q&A panel was the love for the fact that we are a British company.

At Piing, we are always watching the trends in the marketplace. We see global brands such as Skype, Amazon, Apple, and Spotify penetrating and dominating the world's markets. To us, there is a vast amount of UK talent that we wanted to tap into before considering offshore options. Being a "homegrown" company is important to us because there is so much technological creativity and ingenuity available right here in the UK that we want to utilise and partner with.

It was apparent from the feedback we got that our passion for making a well-rounded organisation based on ethics is on the right track. Our principles that make this possible stem from limiting the drivers that we have on the road to maximise on work available, as well as offering commissions as low a 15%, reduced to 12.5% for investment partner drivers.

Our business model is designed to be fair for both riders and drivers. In turn, we are attracting the individuals that we hoped for - professional drivers that share our passion for positive change in the cab app market.

Piing is proud to be a British business with technology pioneered by British minds. One of the other highlights from our recent panel centred around our ethos of being a company invested in our people.

There were also a series of questions around the personal development and professional training readily available for our partner drivers who want it. Whether it be brushing up on or developing new soft people skills to improve repeat business for themselves, or for technical support and help with the app, there will be accessible training available for all drivers. 

It is our mission to nurture our business to be the best it can be, from staff inside our HQ to our partner drivers out on the road.