“A Fair Ride” is our primary focus and the founding fundamental behind the creation of Piing. It is always at the forefront of our minds. We decided to meet the drivers already interested in the Piing model and express our intentions to not only build a great app but build a better business where drivers are put first. 

Last week, between Tuesday 27th and Friday 30th of June, we hosted four mini Q&A roadshow sessions around London.

From the offset, we wanted to create a completely transparent and accessible brand between ourselves (as the founding partners) and the partner drivers. At Piing, we aspire to encourage a collaborative environment that gives our drivers the opportunity to voice their views and for us to share our passion and enthusiasm towards a fantastic opportunity for all. 

We reached out to our registered partner drivers, as well as those who had shown curiosity, and invited them to join us for what transpired to be an impressive, audience-led, two-hour panel. 

We felt immense pride from the turnout, especially having surpassed the two month mark since the launch of Piing. The support from the partner drivers that attended gave us a lot of faith in the business model. The questions asked acted as a great indicator and highlighted the concerns of the drivers. These concerns we can act on and focus on as a priority. 

It was a great opportunity to receive feedback on the app itself. Chatting amongst potential drivers gave us inspiration for some other features we had not yet considered. We have already taken the feedback on board to help improve Piing.

One key question was whether partner drivers were expected to remain loyal to Piing by not using other apps. Our answer to that is a resounding NO. In cities globally, using New York as an example, drivers are known to use as many as four cab apps at any given time to get work. If another app has a job, we encourage partner drivers to take it. We want to boost workload, not deduct from it. As a result, we wanted Piing to have a lower commission of just 15%, compared to other alternatives, and reduce it to 12.5% for investing partner drivers. 

Of course, the other key question partner drivers were keen to ask was based on the launch of the Piing app. We are pleased with our current progress; having just moved into our new permanent offices in Stratford. The app itself is making tremendous advancements and there is a steady influx of potential drivers joining our community. Given the pace of current business growth and the timeframes that we are working to, our vision to launch at the end of the year is on track. As we will only get one chance with riders to launch properly, we must ensure the app is ready and fully functional. It has to be right!

All growth has been organic as a result of natural momentum. We are excited about the future. To keep in the loop of launch dates, details on investment and progress of the Piing app, join our expanding list of subscribers.