As part of the Mayor of London's mission to make the capital the world’s number one smart city, business incubators are being built across the Big Smoke. The aim of these business incubators is to house, develop, and nurture businesses that contribute to the growth of cutting-edge technology.

We started our Piing journey in a small luxury location on Regent Street, just off London’s West End. Having such a small office in the hustle and bustle of the centre of London was never going to be feasible in the long run. We needed to think big. Our priority was the demand for somewhere with plenty of parking - should the need of a visit to Head Office arise.

Thinking ahead to business growth, we wanted to start with our future in mind; we needed a scalable space, somewhere we can grow the support and tech teams.

Plexal, the 68,000 sq ft venue that has opened in Olympic Park, Stratford is an excellent business incubator example of a new business incubator. We are pleased to announce this fantastic location is the new home of Piing. Designed by technology firm Entiq, whose CEO Claire Cockerton states “Plexal is a word for a collection of nodes and synapses and groups of networks. So it is very much trying to embody the concept of connectivity and also humanity.”

As a values-led, collaborative organisation ourselves, we feel like this space is the perfect location to grow; especially within an establishment that shares our mentality.