Like the rest of the country, we’ve seen the news this morning as ride-hailing giant Uber are DENIED its operators licence, Transport for London declaring it an ‘unfit and not a proper’ operator.

Its licence, which expires on 30th September was rejected and we quote “Uber’s approach, and conduct demonstrates a lack of corporate responsibility.” The decision is reflective of the many, many serious criminal offences reported globally.

Of course, Uber will appeal, and it is likely the billion dollar organisation will get their own way.


This disruption casts light on the reason we decided to build PI!NG in the first place. We believe in an ethical alternative, one that plays by the rules, that doesn’t threaten the safety of its staff and users, and actually cares about its people: putting their needs first.

To the 3.5 million Londoners reliant on the app, and the licensed drivers depending on Uber to make a living that are undoubtedly shaken by this decision, our message to you is “don’t fret. A better way is coming.”

Our business model was designed from the ground up, with our drivers and riders in mind. With lower commissions and restrictions on driver numbers to increase the opportunity for work is just one of the fantastic benefits of partnering with PI!