A Fair Ride

Piing is the ethical alternative. We are streets ahead. Fair to drivers by charging half the commission of Uber and 100% tips. Fair to the government as a British tax payer. Fair to riders by offering an affordable service, all with a safety-first ethos.

We love the idea of Uber, but not its conduct. That is why we created Piing. Although we charge the same, our drivers are happier as they earn more money per trip than any other cab app. Piing was built with the belief that when drivers are treated better, they provide a better service.

Earn more money

We're limiting the number of London drivers to 10,000. Which means less time hanging around and more work for you at the lowest commission on the market.

Work when, where and how you want

Being your own boss means you can work around family, appointments and anything else life throws at you.

Streets ahead 

We’ve packed a lot of handy features and tools into our app. Like giving riders the ability to tip you after a great journey. We keep you connected with free wifi in every car. Riders can opt to round-up to the nearest pound and we will donate the difference to good causes across the city.


Popular vehicle option for riders. Toyota Prius class or similar.
Vehicles should be 7 years old or less.


Mid-level luxury vehicles. Mercedes-Benz E class or similar.
Vehicles should be 3 years old or less.


Top-level luxury vehicles. Mercedes-Benz S class or similar.
Vehicles should be 3 years old or less.


Dedicated 6+ seaters only. Mercedes-Benz V class or similar.
Vehicles should be 7 years old or less.

Driver Benefits

1: Pay only 15% Commission - Compare this to some Uber drivers paying up to 35%!

2: Maximum number of drivers 10,000 - Less drivers equals more work for you.

3: Tips - Riders have the option to tip good rides and you keep 100% of tip.

4: Simple rating system - Good ride? Bad ride? and why? No star rating

5: Respect - Drivers and riders treated equally.

6: Equity share in PIING - Qualifying drivers will have the option to invest and become a true Equity Partner Driver.

Drive With Us

Competition is healthy and now you have a real alternative to earn money. With Piing, you'll always be more than just another driver.

Care team

You can contact our team 24/7.

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