As daily users of Uber since their arrival in the UK, the founders, George and Simeon, became increasingly frustrated by the recurring complaints from drivers ranging from paying too much commission (in some cases as much as 35%), too many drivers recruited (circa 40,000) resulting in lack of work and the a general feeling of being under appreciated with no support, even though they are the lifeblood of the service. On top of this, Uber is set up to siphon income offshore and paying nominal tax in the UK. Recent press would suggest Uber are failing even with internal staff, what with sexual harassment claims, senior management resigning and their own founder caught on camera abusing an Uber driver. Enough was enough, so, George Lee sent Uber a video of his concerns and disappointedly, this went unanswered.

It’s considered and believed that everyone would agree Uber could be better and here lies the founders motivation to build a BETTER Company!

We're on a mission to prove that a Company can be built on ethics. This mission will require all involved to be as passionate about doing the right thing as we are, because there’s no wrong in doing right.